Cosmic and Solar Radiation

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About the training

Even from beyond the atmosphere aviation is affected by the elements. Space weather is extremely powerful and gives off large amounts of radiation that can pose hazards to people and electrical equipment. Scandlearn has developed a highly visual Cosmic Radiation animated course discussing its impact.

Body text: Flight crew must understand the different types of radiation, such as cosmic radiation and radiation from solar storms. Scandlearn’s e-training brings outer space closer to home so learners can appreciate its force.


  • Radiation, different types and energy

  • Cosmic radiation

  • Solar storms

  • Solar maximum cycle

  • Hazards to human life, aircraft equipment and signalling

  • Altitude, latitude and time influencers

  • Authorities’ requirements

  • September 1859: The Carrington Event

Regulatory Compliance

Our course closely follows the EASA regulations but is also suitable for operators complying with other standards globally.

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Cosmic and Solar Radiation

23 minutes
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Cosmic and Solar Radiation

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