International Procedures

General Subjects

3 modules

38 minutes

Aviation links the continents where international processes are common ground. Scandlearn’s International Procedures e-course takes aviation staff on a global journey from international phraseology to emergency airports and much more.

The international airspace is so vast that standardization procedures have been introduced to align the industry and promote mutual understanding across cultures. Each process has an international implication, so our course aims to keep the flight crew around the world on the same page.

Topics Included
  • History and regulations International travel and airspace
  • English as the universal aviation language and standard phraseology
  • Medical emergency situations
  • International holding patterns
  • Flight Duty Period (FDP)
  • FIR and ADIZ boundaries
  • Agricultural food items and bringing in legal drugs
  • Standardization and countries' unique air traffic needs
  • Emergency airports
  • Notices to airmen (NOTAMs)
  • International diversions
  • FIR and ADIZ boundaries
  • Federal Aviation Regulations and US customs
Regulatory Compliance

Our course closely follows the EASA regulations but is also suitable for operators complying with other standards globally.

EASA (Subpart Q)
Designed For

Rule Jurisdiction and Operating Rules

13 minutes

International Airspace Operations and Navigation

14 minutes

Documentation and Customs

9 minutes
Certification Test

International Procedures

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