Minimum Equipment List (MEL)

General Subjects

2 modules

~ 1 hour

About the training

Each aircraft is fitted with a huge amount of equipment that needs to comply with full flight safety norms. Scandlearn introduces an animated Minimum Equipment List (MEL) course to highlight the fundamental equipment needed, and list items not required for flight safety.

Our fully animated training gives both, maintenance and flight crew a visual account of the relevant aircraft equipment and the necessity of each item.


  • Definitions

  • Actual Minimum Equipment List (MEL)

  • MEL individual components

  • Master MEL (MMEL)

  • How to find individual items in the MEL

  • Configuration Deviation List (CDL)

  • Aircraft items that are not required for safety of flight

  • System-failure effects closely analyzed during aircraft manufacturing

  • Contact maintenance, communication & dispatch

  • Maintenance discrepancy after pushback

  • Using the aircraft log

  • Additional instructions for pilots

  • Operations vs. maintenance procedures

  • Categories "A" to "D" maintenance items

  • The "O" and "M" codes

  • Requirements and regulations

Regulatory Compliance

Our course closely follows the EASA regulations but is also suitable for operators complying with other standards globally.

Designed For

Part I

11 minutes

Part II

13 minutes
Certification Test

Minimum Equipment List (MEL)

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