Threat and Error Management (TEM)

General Subjects

4 modules

The Threat and Error Management (TEM) model investigates the relationship between safety and human operations in the aviation context. All humans are error-prone, and hazardous situations are part of everyday aviation operations. However, it is possible to train pilots in detecting and responding to threats to minimize damage and maintain safety on a plane.

The interactive Scandlearn TEM course, which is fully compliant with EASA and FAA guidelines, investigates the TEM concept and its critical components to teaching the flight-deck crew how to anticipate and recognize threats and manage them accordingly. The course consists of four modules, Intro & TEM Overview, Threat and Error, Undesired Aircraft States, and Airline Data Collection. Together, they provide a comprehensive guide to maintaining safety on aircraft.

Topics Included
  • Recognize threats and manage them appropriately
  • Unexpected threats
  • Line Operation Safety Audits (LOSAs)
  • TEM model involves the recognition of three situations
  • How to correct an unstable UAS situation
Regulatory Compliance

Our course closely follows the EASA regulations but is also suitable for operators complying with other standards globally.

Designed For

Course Content


Introduction and an Overview of TEM


Threat and Error


Undesired Aircraft States and Countermeasures


Airline Data Collection and Conclusion

Certification Test

Threat and Error Management (TEM)

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