Set up, sign up, take off.

Replace site visits and slash training costs with a completely low-maintenance, high-performance learning solution that takes your crew on a virtual board with Scandlearn 360.

Try our Scandlearn 3D 360 concept today and plug into our seamless ecosystem of remote learning products.

Easy Setup

Choose aircraft or scenario to model, and send us the reference images. We'll do all the hard work and create a tailored 3D virtual experience that you can access directly from Scandlearn.

Smooth Maintenance

S360 is a low-maintenance solution, which means we will make sure that your custom virtual experience stays up-to-date and meets your needs. No effort is required on your part.

Quick Evaluation

All of our virtual environments are quick and easy to assess. With the clean-cut design and efficient reporting, you will get a detailed view of your crew’s performance in the trainer.



Immersive, engaging learning environments

Get your crew learning contextually with simulated, beautiful mocked environments. No more guess work or using expensive, grounded aircraft to do in situ training.



Take a closer look

Explore procedures, controls, displays and sections of an aircraft via detailed hotspots. Add your own hotspots onto an environment with any of your own training content in-context.

Get your custom 360 experience

Contact us and let us know you’re interested in a custom S360 experience for training on your chosen aircrafts.