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The Scandlearn Evolve platform is the core of our training experience. A comprehensive and modern training management system that will take your aviation training to the next level.
Gone are the days of bland and boring aviation training. Step into a world of modern and engaging learning experiences that have transformed the aviation training landscape.


Scandlearn now offers aviation organisation’s a powerful new way to conduct their online training using Competency-based Training & Assessment (CBTA) for Dangerous Goods and more.
Scandlearn now offers aviation organisation’s a powerful new way to conduct their online training using Competency-based Training & Assessment (CBTA) for Dangerous Goods and more.
Check out our latest releases for B737, Diversity Awareness Training and EDTO, or visit our Courseware Library
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How we keep our courseware library updated, removing the stress from the approval process for our clients.
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What is Competency-Based Training and Assessment (CBTA)?

Check out our latest releases for B737, Diversity Awareness Training and EDTO.

Compliance & approvals

Your ultimate support throughout the approval process

With the expert guidance and customised solutions of Scandlearn by your side, navigating compliance is a breeze.

Over 800 air operators approved across 100 countries

Automatic updates to courseware in line with global regulations

Personalised compliance with one-to-one consultancy services

Services & features

Thanks to solutions and training from Scandlearn, over 800 air operators have gained acceptance from national authorities across 100 countries worldwide


Your guide to successful approval

Whether you're new to Scandlearn, seeking approval for the first time, or already familiar with the process, we're committed to ensuring that you have a smooth experience. We provide convenience and steadfast support every step of the way. Making your journey to approval as easy as possible.

Benefit from the expertise of Scandlearn

We're dedicated to updating and following the latest regulations, which not only helps our clients but keeps the skies safer. Many organisations that struggle with compliance come to us because of our excellent support and numerous benefits.

Scandlearn-aviation-training-onboarding-icon-50px-1 Dedicated support Your success is our priority with unwavering support.  
Scandlearn-global-network-icon-50px Authority network Benefit from our wide network and strong authority relationships.  
Pilot---small-B-icon Industry experience Rely on our extensive experience for your training success.  
program 18x18p B-1 Expert consultancy and audits Leverage expert advice and audits to always stay approved and up to date.  
Scandlearn-unlock-icon-50px Exclusive system access Enjoy full system access for complete training evaluation.  
Scandlearn-aviation-training-knowledge-base-icon-50px Proactive monitoring Stay approved with our global regulatory change monitoring.  
Scandlearn-course-collection-icon-50px Comprehensive update logs Track updates with detailed logs for transparency and insight.  
Scandlearn-aviation-training-upload-icon-50px Automatic course updates Access the latest training materials instantly with automatic updates.  
Scandlearn-curriculum-icon-50px Comprehensive syllabuses Ensure perfect alignment with detailed, compliant syllabuses.  

Seeking expert guidance for your approval process?

How do we support the customer in obtaining their approval?

We do our very utmost to make sure that your journey towards obtaining approval is as straightforward as possible. All of our services are designed with you in mind, identifying any specific needs that are required by your national authority. We do this by:

Comprehensive syllabuses: Receive syllabuses that detail all necessary information, ensuring your training aligns perfectly with your approved manuals.

Exclusive system access: Gain full access to our training system and course library for thorough evaluation, including special access for national authority inspectors to our CAA platform.

Expert consultancy and audits: Benefit from knowledge articles, guidance materials, and the opportunity to book consultancy calls for you and your inspector. Plus, schedule online or onsite audits with our compliance team for an extra layer of assurance.

How to start


How do we ensure our customers stay approved so they can use our solution?

One of our top priorities is to make sure that our users remain approved at all times when using any of our solutions. Our platform has been purpose-built with this goal in mind. Keeping your training programs up-to-date and in line with the latest regulatory standards. We achieve this through:

Proactive monitoring: We actively monitor global regulatory changes to ensure your training remains up to date.

Automatic courseware updates: Anytime regulations change, we automatically update the courseware, giving you immediate access to the latest materials.

Comprehensive update logs: All updates are meticulously logged, recorded, and made available, providing detailed insights into what was updated, why, and its impact.

Through these comprehensive measures, along with regular communication with authorities and customer feedback, we are able to guarantee that your training solution will always be up-to-date and effective.

How to start

Your path to approval

Step-by-step with Scandlearn

Contact us

Start by reaching out to us for personalised guidance on how to start your approval process.

List Scandlearn
Designate Scandlearn as your official training subcontractor in your manual.
Authority consultation

We're happy to meet your regional authority if they do not yet recognise our services.


Implement any regulatory requirements through our customisation options.

You’re in good company

Scandlearn powers training for over 600+ enterprises around the globe