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The Scandlearn Evolve platform is the core of our training experience. A comprehensive and modern training management system that will take your aviation training to the next level.
Gone are the days of bland and boring aviation training. Step into a world of modern and engaging learning experiences that have transformed the aviation training landscape.


Scandlearn now offers aviation organisation’s a powerful new way to conduct their online training using Competency-based Training & Assessment (CBTA) for Dangerous Goods and more.
Scandlearn now offers aviation organisation’s a powerful new way to conduct their online training using Competency-based Training & Assessment (CBTA) for Dangerous Goods and more.
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Competency-Based Training & Assessments (CBTA)

A CBTA solution made simple

Get the ultimate Competency-Based Training and Assessments (CBTA) solution to align your organisation with the latest of ICAO regulations for DG and other upcoming training. Sign-up with Scandlearn for expertise and approval success.

Hundreds of organisations have already adopted CBTA with Scandlearn

We’ve helped organisations in over 40 countries worldwide navigate their approval for CBTA with success. Get started today and join the 800+ satisfied clients that work with Scandlearn.

Services & features

The Ultimate CBTA Solution

  • 1. Services
  • 2. Tailor-Made Training
  • 3. Features
  • 4. Data & Statistics

Adopting CBTA is easy with expert guidance

Navigate the complexities of the CBTA process effortlessly with onboarding expertise from Scandlearn. Our platform and content have been compliant with regulations from ICAO since January 1, 2023. Utilise the expertise and resources of Scandlearn to effortlessly streamline your CBTA implementation to ensure smooth adherence.

CBTA presents a complex topic, and Scandlearn has collaborated closely with various authorities globally to offer a platform and content aligned with ICAO regulations. This solution has been available for Dangerous Goods since January 1, 2023. Additionally, Scandlearn has made the decision to integrate nearly all of our courses to the CBTA framework, to enhance your crew's learning experience.

Scandlearn has already prepared a template outlining the requirements for your CBTA approval. This will save you significant time and effort. Our collective guidance has successfully helped hundreds of clients with the DG approval process. Demonstrating our proficiency and commitment to your success.

If you feel overwhelmed by the complexity of CBTA, then don't worry! We'll simplify your journey and provide unwavering support at every stage of the process just as we've done for hundreds of other organisations. With clear guidance, templates and expert knowledge that will allow you to confidently navigate the regulatory landscape.



3 ways to customise your training

Discover three dynamic ways to customise your training with Scandlearn. Whether you're integrating existing content with our TMS for complete control or efficiency, mixing your own materials with our rich library for a more cost-effective solution, or opting to have your courses expertly crafted by our design team, we've got you covered. We have an option available for every need and budget. 

Content commander
The perfect choice for organisations with existing content or those looking to create their own. Our TMS provides complete control, accessibility, efficiency, and support for various file types. Easily upload and distribute to your team instantly.

Training fusion
Add your existing content with the extensive Scandlearn courseware library to achieve the customisation that you need. This cost-efficient solution is perfect for tight budgets and schedules, eliminating the need to start from scratch. Gain access to over 80 aviation subjects to complement your ready-made materials.

Crafted courses
An excellent option for who are short on time but need fantastic customised course content. You'll collaborate directly with our Scandlearn course production team to get the very best result. Leaving you with a professional and ready-to-launch custom course that has been expertly written and designed. Simply share your script, receive a quote and let our team tailor a unique course for you that perfectly meets all your operational requirements and needs.

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Succeed with a feature-rich platform

Our Evolve platform is perfectly optimised for a CBTA framework and includes all the features needed to help you get your CBTA approval:

  • Statistics & analytics tools
  • Training Need Analysis (TNA)
  • Adapted competency model
  • Training plan
  • Assessment plan
  • Continuous Assessment plan
  • Training Records
  • One login for everything
  • Course builder - and manage your CBTA courses on a robust and sleek builder UI.
  • Optimised user player
  • Templates and guides for Training Manual


Harness the power of data

Leverage the power of data with our robust statistical tools. Review learner progress, analyse key metrics, and make data-driven decisions to optimise course content, driving performance improvements for both individuals and your organisation.

Compare your organisation's user performance against industry standards and best practices with our benchmarking feature. Identify areas of strength and opportunities for improvement, guiding strategic decisions and enhancing overall performance.

Data-driven decision
Harness the CBTA insights derived from comprehensive data analysis to inform strategic decisions. Our data-driven approach empowers you to make informed choices, leading to more effective DG training and upcoming programs, with better outcomes for your organisation.

User analytics
Unlock valuable insights from CBTA assessments using our user analytics tools. Monitor learner progress, detect trends, and identify opportunities for intervention or improvement. Tailor each learning experience for maximum impact and personalisation.



"Scandlearn has been instrumental in helping our company adapt to the new CBTA framework for aviation training. Throughout the process, Scandlearn has provided amazing support, always willing to help with course creation, adding items to make the course bespoke and offering guidance. All done without fuss and within fantastic time frames – same day calls etc. Overall, we have had a positive experience with Scandlearn and would like to see more courses beyond just DG training being delivered in this new way in the future."
Andrew JohnsonAircrew Training Manager

Frequently asked questions

What is CBTA?

CBTA is a modern and effective approach to training that focuses on individual competency and employs valid and reliable assessment tools to evaluate results.

It is a methodology that originated in the late 1980s and has evolved within the aviation industry since.

What is the purpose of CBTA? The ultimate purpose and goal of CBTA training is to ensure a safe and efficient air transport system. That’s why the aviation industry is committed to fostering competent personnel. This is achieved through the implementation of a competency-based approach to training and assessment.
Is it applicable to my company? Yes. Most operators in the aviation industry are required to undergo Dangerous Goods training using to CBTA, even if they do not transport dangerous goods.
Is CBTA applicable to other types of training? Yes. Scandlearn believes in the effectiveness of the CBTA concept, as evidenced by numerous employee surveys from operators. Employees who know they meet competency requirements tend to be more engaged and motivated. Consequently, we plan to transition most of our online training courses to the CBTA framework. Additionally, national authorities are increasingly mandating that ground training, beyond Dangerous Goods, adhere to CBTA standards. Therefore, it's essential for operators to anticipate this shift and partner with a supplier like Scandlearn who offers a comprehensive range of CBTA training courses.
How does CBTA work? Is it just a content update? CBTA is not solely about content. While the course content remains largely unchanged, much like annual updates. CBTA transforms how we train for dangerous goods and assess the results. Our approach involves tailoring training for different functions within your organisation, and seamlessly integrating it into existing training programs.
Is the Scandlearn CBTA solution approved? Yes and no. Scandlearn does not hold approval as an organisation for Dangerous Goods, as an example. However, our CBTA training platform is specifically designed for training managers who operate in the aviation industry. With this platform, our customers obtain approvals from their relevant National Authorities. To date, our customers have secured approvals from over 50 countries worldwide.
How do I implement CBTA or get started? Implementing CBTA can be time-consuming and complex for the operator's management staff to fully master it. So to assist our customers, Scandlearn has developed a template for writing approvals to National Authorities that cover most of the required content. Additionally, we provide free person-to-person coaching to help implement the CBTA framework, saving time and effort. You’ll save lots of time and effort choosing Scandlearn as your CBTA provider.
Will the Scandlearn CBTA solution be customised to my company? Absolutely. Customisation is integral to CBTA training. We tailor the training to incorporate your specific functions and how your organisation handles dangerous goods. This tailored approach ensures that your training program aligns with your company's unique needs and requirements.
Is CBTA about taking a test before training and then receiving content based on test results?

No. Some providers may misconstrue CBTA as a process involving pre-testing and content delivery based on test results. However, this is a misinterpretation of the CBTA concept. At Scandlearn, our CBTA solution goes beyond mere testing and content delivery, offering a comprehensive and effective approach to training.

Key points about the CBTA solution from Scandlearn:

  • Customised to your company's specific needs;
  • Goes beyond testing and content delivery;
  • A proven and globally recognised approach to training.
How to get started with CBTA

Simplify the complex with an easy-to-use CBTA solution from Scandlearn

Navigating CBTA can be complex, especially when tailoring it to your specific operational needs. At Scandlearn, you gain access to valuable free guidance, including templates and expert advice on manual writing and the approval process.
Customise content
While Scandlearn offers a default compliant course, we understand that your specific operational needs may require tailored material. You can easily upload your own content and assessments or request customisations from our team.
Enrol learners
Evolve, our TMS engine, effortlessly bundles content and assessments, and it's all set for user enrolment once you configure the settings. Users will log in as usual but enjoy an enhanced player and a fresh learning experience.
Review data
Our Analytics tool empowers you to benchmark your organization's results against a global index, ensuring you maintain the highest standards. Scandlearn utilizes this data to enhance our content and assessments, ensuring continuous improvement.

Immediate action required:

Begin your CBTA process today

Yes, you need CBTA too!

What is CBTA?

On the surface, CBTA (Competency-Based Training & Assessments) may look like just a slightly different training solution compared to what existed before. The truth is, not only is CBTA a complex (but amazing) training framework, it also requires a great deal of work to set-up properly and effectively. Not that you need to worry, Scandlearn has extensive experience working with CBTA and we're here to guide you every step of the way.

What is CBTA?


The first part of the CBTA concept deals with a learner’s competency, or how well they are able to apply what they learn in the real world. This is often measured using a system called KSA, which stands for:

Knowledge: The information that a person must know.
Skills: The practiced application of knowledge.
Attitude: How their outlook influences their performance.

Competency is a person’s understanding of what they have learned and being able to apply that knowledge to perform practical tasks safely.

What is CBTA?


The method that a CBTA system uses to measure a learner’s competency is called assessment. This is achieved by mixed assessments in different methods that challenge a learner during the course lessons. These assessments are strategically placed throughout the course and presented to the learner at different stages to asses their competency-level in the course curriculum.

Approaching courseware in this way makes for a far more productive learning experience. Resulting in a deeper understanding of the important theoretical content that is necessary for learners to succeed.
Benefits of CBTA

Powerful learning tools make for powerful learning experiences

No matter who is using it, our CBTA solution sets a new standard for online aviation training with numerous benefits, including:

Evolve platform

Manage your CBTA courses on a robust and sleek training management system

No extra or separate portal is needed to use our CBTA solution, our recently upgraded Evolve platform provides access to both our standard and CBTA courseware
All your training tools
in one place

When you conduct your training using Evolve, you won't have to worry about switching from one service portal to another. All of the great services provided by Scandlearn can be found integrated together on the Evolve platform in one experience.

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Compliance with transparency

Ensuring compliance to regulations is our top priority, and you'll find this reflected in the tools available on our platform. When using Evolve, you'll have a clear audit trail of updates for all of our courses, along with expert advice from our training department.

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Made for managers and learners

Complete courses and access training activities and certifications all in one platform. Our centralized cloud storage solution provides team members with scheduled and assigned courses, along with their certificates and an overview of their training progress.

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Get CBTA started today

We've organised our pricing into two simple plans that make it easy to focus on what's important for your organisation.

Fixed Plan

User-Based Monthly fee
Calculated based on active users
Unlimited courseware access
Access to LMS included
Easily scales with your team size
All-inclusive service package
Pricing tailored to your needs
Fixed cost makes it easy to budget

Suited for operators seeking cost-efficiency. Includes unlimited access to courseware, tailored to your specific needs.*

*An active Evolve LMS subscription is required to access courses. To view the complete list of course prices, please visit our Course Price List here.
Podcast series

Learn more about CBTA

Learn more about CBTA with this 5-episode podcast micro-series hosted by Emelie Lindqvist, Executive Producer for the Evolve platform.

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Episode 4What are the benefits of CBTA?

Is CBTA worth it? What are the benefits to adopting this new learning framework and taking the time to operate it smoothly and effectively?

Scandlearn-Preparing for CBTA-podcast-aviation-5
Episode 5Preparing for CBTA

With the aviation training world rapidly transitioning to a CBTA standard, what can you do to ensure that your organisation is prepared and ready?


A complete training package

Upgrade your aviation training to a more modern, efficient and cost-saving experience with Scandlearn.