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The Scandlearn Evolve platform is the core of our training experience. A comprehensive and modern training management system that will take your aviation training to the next level.
Gone are the days of bland and boring aviation training. Step into a world of modern and engaging learning experiences that have transformed the aviation training landscape.


Scandlearn now offers aviation organisation’s a powerful new way to conduct their online training using Competency-based Training & Assessment (CBTA) for Dangerous Goods and more.
Scandlearn now offers aviation organisation’s a powerful new way to conduct their online training using Competency-based Training & Assessment (CBTA) for Dangerous Goods and more.
Check out our latest releases for B737,  EDTO and Dangerous Goods (DG) Ground Crew  
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How we keep our courseware library updated, removing the stress from the approval process for our clients.
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80+ online courses for your aviation teams

Gone are the days of traditional tick-box training. Digital times require modern training solutions with better user experiences and training that strongly impacts higher retention. Let's reimagine training!

Onboard, Taxi and take off

Get a smooth start with Scandlearn

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Click the link below or book a call with a sales representative to kickstart your organisation's training journey and immerse your crew in engaging training materials.
Easily invite and enrol your team members in the right courses from our library, or upload your own materials. Choose between one-time or auto-enrolment for maximum convenience.
Progress tracking
Monitor your team's progress with comprehensive reports, and send reminders to ensure everyone stays on track and keep up with approvals.
Sit back and relax
Let Evolve, the Scandlearn engine, handle everything for you. Enjoy peace of mind as we take care of regulatory updates and streamline your training process, allowing you to focus on what truly matters.

An ever expanding library

Our mission is always crystal clear: To provide our users with the largest modern aviation online training library in the world.

196k SESSIONS 2023
Compliance and approval

Are you approved?

Scandlearn provides training for over 800 operators worldwide. To ensure that our courses comply with the relevant authorities of each operator we take every step necessary to follow the latest regulations. We also maintain close contact with over 100 authorities to make the approval process smooth for your organisation when using our training.

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Courseware creation

The most effective aviation training you’ll ever experience

From its inception Scandlearn has had it's sights on creating a world-class learning experience that will lift aviation training to a whole new era. Leaving behind the days of dull, repetitive and monotonous page flippers, and taking us instead to a modern future that is engaging and entertaining for all aviation professionals.


A smarter design approach that helps you grasp concepts easier

Scandlearn has integrated every level of training theory into our Competency-Based Training and Assessment (CBTA) framework for a superior educational and instructional experience. Resulting in high impact learning that significantly boosts retention rates.

01. Visceral level

We make thoughtful use of colour, shape and other design elements, accompanied by audio and sound effects to evoke a desired response. Enhancing the learning journey to create a meaningful educational experience.
Visual design
All of the visual assets used in our courses are rendered in the signature Scandlearn style by our own dedicated design team who use a variety of mediums from illustration to 3D.
Motion design
Motion design brings our educational materials to life. Creating a synergy of communication and visual storytelling that engages, inspires and helps users understand the message.
Audio design
Professionally recorded voice-over talent guides learners through each course. Accompanied by sound effects that enhance the learning experience by stimulating the auditory senses.

02. Behavioural level

Our behavioural design prioritises practicality and effectiveness. We streamline the learning process, reduce errors, and cater to both experienced and novice users, ensuring a seamless, enjoyable, and goal-oriented experience.
An framework which is highly effective with building effective training programs. Helping users enhance their KSA in a dynamic educational setting of content and assessments.
UX design
In today's digital landscape, Scandlearn is constantly enhancing our digital products. Improving our designs for the most optimal user-friendly and frictionless experience.
We understand that using digital tools which are dependable and accessible is a must. That's why our LMS operates both online and offline and is supported across all major platforms.

03. Reflective level

This level connects users to our courseware through the emotional responses generated from their visceral and behavioural experience while learning. Consciously weighing the pros and cons, seeking personal meaning and benefits.
Storytelling elevates training material, creating a profound impact and engaging with our audience by facilitating understanding, inspiration, reflection, and evaluation.
Strategically placed assessments throughout our curriculum help foster a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter, ensuring user KSA retention.
Through user surveys and our statistical tools, both individuals and organisations can assess and evaluate their different training programs, their effectiveness, and overall impact.


"Scandlearn has been an instrumental partner of the Luxaviation Training Department in the past few years, helping us be more effective, addressing our needs at the required speed, and never shy to work together taking into account our feedback and suggestions for continuous improvement.The features of their own LMS allow us to upload our own content, that being courseware material, exams, or even certificate types etc.This kind of flexible and client-oriented approach is decisive for us when it comes to choosing such an important element of our overall Learning and Development strategy"
Rui FragosoChief Ground Instructor

Easily organise your company’s training


Designed for you to succeed

Unlock a series of modern features when you choose to learn with Scandlearn.

Scandlearn-course-collection-icon-2-50px Largest Courseware Collection on the market Our library hosts one of the largest and most comprehensive collections of aviation training available, and includes everything your team needs to stay compliant.  
Mandatory-compliance Compliance with Aviation Regulators All of our courses are expertly written by qualified instructors who ensure that every page of our courses comply with regulations from EASA, ICAO and IATA.  
Scandlearn-human-centric-icon-50px Human-centric design approach

Entrenched within every module and page of our courseware is a human-centric approach to our design that makes our courses easy to follow and understand.

Scandlearn-video-icon-50px Visual Appeal and Engagement Our vast experience with creating courses has allowed us to develop our signature Scandlearn style, an engaging aesthetic perfectly rendered on every page.  
lesson 18x18p dark Superior Pedagogy In-between all of our core elements is a pedagogic approach that weaves everything together. Coalescing into a seamless learning experience like no other.  
Scandlearn-accuracy-icon-50px Attention to Detail In no other courseware will you find the kind of visual accuracy and detail as that found in a course by Scandlearn. From cutaway images to flight simulations.  
Scandlearn-connectivity-icon-50px Online/Offline All of our courses (including CBTA courses with the next update) can also be viewed and completed offline. Offering you another layer of flexibility on our platform.  
Scandlearn-device-icon-50px Works on any device Our Evolve learning platform operates on any device and OS. Ensuring that every member of your organisation has easy access to our training tools.  
Scandlearn-location-icon-50px Anytime anywhere Free your team from the confines of a classroom environment with a modern training experience that can be achieved from the comfort of home.  

You’re in good company

Scandlearn powers training for over 600+ enterprises around the globe


A complete training package

Upgrade your aviation training to a more modern, efficient and cost-saving experience with Scandlearn.