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The Scandlearn Evolve platform is the core of our training experience. A comprehensive and modern training management system that will take your aviation training to the next level.
Gone are the days of bland and boring aviation training. Step into a world of modern and engaging learning experiences that have transformed the aviation training landscape.


Scandlearn now offers aviation organisation’s a powerful new way to conduct their online training using Competency-based Training & Assessment (CBTA) for Dangerous Goods and more.
Scandlearn now offers aviation organisation’s a powerful new way to conduct their online training using Competency-based Training & Assessment (CBTA) for Dangerous Goods and more.
Check out our latest releases for B737, Diversity Awareness Training and EDTO, or visit our Courseware Library
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What is Competency-Based Training and Assessment (CBTA)?

Check out our latest releases for B737, Diversity Awareness Training and EDTO.

Tailor-made training

Customise your training to fit better

Unlock the full potential of your training programs by customising content to perfectly align with your organisational needs.

Tailored solutions: Three options designed to fit any budget and schedule.
Adaptable & cost-effective: Flexibility, efficiency, and affordability in every solution.
Enhanced learning: Boost retention and relevance for your team.

3 ways to easily tailor your content with Scandlearn

Understanding that tailor-made training can be both time and cost-sensitive, Scandlearn has introduced three services designed for organisations of all sizes. Our solutions are designed to seamlessly integrate and enhance your existing materials with our own content. This will ensure that it aligns perfectly with your unique training requirements. Our customised training service focuses on flexibility, ease of use, and achieving your training objectives. To achieve this we offer three different solutions, one for each type of budget and requirements:
Option 1: Content Commander

Your training. Your way.

Our Evolve TMS platform, simplifies the uploading and distribution of your custom training materials. Making it ideal for organisations who have pre-existing content.

  Control: Fine tune your course content to fit the requirements of your organisation.

  Accessibility: Make your training materials available to your team anytime, anywhere.

  Efficiency: Quickly distribute updated or new materials without the need for physical copies.

  Variety: Our user-friendly interface supports a variety of file types—documents, presentations, and videos.

How to start

Option 2: Training Fusion

Where your content meets ours

For organisations who are looking to simply upgrade their existing training, our platform allows for the integration between our vast content library and your own course materials.

  Cost-efficient: An excellent option if you're looking for a practical solution that will save you time.

  Flexibility: Gain access to 80+ courses from our library and use them as a foundation from which to add on.

  Time-saving: Powerful customisation tools will help you publish your training quickly and efficiently.

How to start

Option 3: Crafted Courses

Expertly designed, just for you

Harness the skill and expertise of the Scandlearn design team and let us create your custom content for you.

  High-quality: Keep the finish of your custom course professional and sharp.

  Time-Saving: Save time and resources by relying on our professional team to create your training materials.

  Collaborate: Enjoy the experience working with our great team as they bring your course to life.

  Comprehensive: Tell us what you need and we'll deliver a ready-to-launch training package, from script to final product.

How to start


Custom Dangerous Goods (DG) material for CBTA

Ensure that your CBTA program reflects how you treat dangerous goods within your organisation. Customise your Dangerous Goods (DG) training material with Scandlearn today.

The benefits of course customisation

Tailoring your training material has numerous advantages that go beyond just compliance with your Operations Manual.

Mandatory-compliance-icon A better fit with OM-D Custom materials helps a great deal with aligning to your OM-D, ensuring compliance and operational relevance.  
Scandlearn-course-customisation-icon-50px Increased relevance

Being able to customise your content will allow you to address specific organisational challenges and objectives.

Pilot---small-B Enhanced engagement

Customisation gives you the option to create training that resonates more with your team. Boosting learner interest and participation.

lesson 18x18p dark icon Improved retention

Personalised material is more memorable, making it easier to remember, leading to increased aviation safety.

Scandlearn-time-icon-50px Higher efficiency

Make sure your team focuses on their knowledge, skills and attitude by reducing lost time spent on irrelevant training.

Scandlearn-data-icon-50p-1 Improved performance

The benefits of customisation help to directly align your training with business outcomes, improving overall performance.


How to start course customisation

Tailor-Made Training is an exclusive service offered to clients of Scandlearn. Getting started is straightforward and easy:

Assess info

Begin with identifying your training needs and choosing which of our service options best suits those needs.

Contact us
Complete the form below or talk directly to our team for a personalised assessment of your needs and requirements.
Get onboard

Work closely with our team from script to page design to get the most out of your custom course.

Project launch

We provide support and resources ensuring a streamlined and effective implementation process.


Get started today

Start your tailor-made training journey now! Submit your info and training needs in the form below. Let's craft the perfect program for you.

You’re in good company

Scandlearn powers training for over 600+ enterprises around the globe


A complete training package

Upgrade your aviation training to a more modern, efficient and cost-saving experience with Scandlearn.