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The Scandlearn Evolve platform is the core of our training experience. A comprehensive and modern training management system that will take your aviation training to the next level.
Gone are the days of bland and boring aviation training. Step into a world of modern and engaging learning experiences that have transformed the aviation training landscape.


Scandlearn now offers aviation organisation’s a powerful new way to conduct their online training using Competency-based Training & Assessment (CBTA) for Dangerous Goods and more.
Scandlearn now offers aviation organisation’s a powerful new way to conduct their online training using Competency-based Training & Assessment (CBTA) for Dangerous Goods and more.
Check out our latest releases for B737,  EDTO and Dangerous Goods (DG) Ground Crew  
Fast support for all your product queries, technical hurdles, billing issues and everything else Scandlearn.
For any general enquiries or to find out how to get more information on specific topics.
How we keep our courseware library updated, removing the stress from the approval process for our clients.
Read articles, industry insights and news about online aviation training from one of the leading providers in the world.

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Manage costs and easily scale

We have a plan that is right for you

We've organised our pricing into two plans that make it simple to focus on what's important for your organisation.

Fixed Plan

User-Based Monthly fee

Ideal for well-established organizations with over 50 users, offering a cost-effective and straightforward solution to equip your team with extensive training across numerous courses.

Unlimited Courseware Access: Enjoy unrestricted access to our extensive library of training materials.
Predictable Budgeting: A fixed cost model makes financial planning straightforward, with no surprises.
Flexible Contract Terms: Select from 1, 3, or 5-year agreements to best suit your timeline. Opting for a longer contract secures even more favourable pricing.
User-Based Pricing: Costs are determined by the number of active users, ensuring a fair and scalable pricing structure.


Evolve TMS: Full unlimited access to the entire suite of time saving features for you and your entire team.


Unlimited access to our entire General Subjects & Aircraft Type courseware library.

*An active Evolve LMS subscription is required to access courses. To view the list of prices, please download our Course Price List here.

No sub required



No sub required



Starting from


Up to 50
Courseware Access
Individual Orders
Unlimited Access
Evolve TMS
One-time fee €3,990
CBTA Framework
Android & iOS App
Cloud Storage for Training Records
Add-on Services
Technical Onboarding
1 hour
Up to 4 hours
Envoyer Access
API Integrations
Training Consultation
Up to 2 hours
Course Adaptation
Billing & Payments
Payment Method
Credit Card
Credit Card/Bank Transfer
Credit Card/Bank Transfer
Payment Terms
Direct Payment
20 days
Up to 45 days
Billing Frequency
Direct Payment

Frequently asked questions

How do I get started with Scandlearn?

Getting started is simple!

For organisations, just reach out to us. Our sales representative will guide you to the best solution for your needs, provide evaluation access to our courses, and offer syllabuses for OM-D implementation. We'll support you throughout the approval process and assist you and your CAA inspector with all necessary information.

For Individuals, create your account here and start your training

Is Scandlearn Approved?

While Scandlearn doesn't hold an ATO certificate, we’ve helped hundreds of air operators with crew training and are accepted in over 100 countries. As a third-party provider, we extend your training provider's capabilities.

You hold the approval to use our services, but we ensure our offerings meet regulatory requirements with our extensive experience and rigorous processes.

Can I get a free trial?

Yes, ensuring our courses suit your crew is essential. Contact us with your inquiry, and we’ll be happy to provide course and syllabus access to your training department.

Can I integrate your training platform with our existing systems?

Yes, we provide an open API that allows any third-party provider to connect to your Scandlearn account and retrieve the data you need.

Which courses do I need for my crew?

This depends on your operations and region. All Scandlearn courses cover essential topics for your crew’s professional career. Contact us for recommendations or to check with your CAA on what applies to your organisation.

Do you offer any discounts for bulk purchases or long-term commitments?

Yes, Scandlearn offers scalable discounts for your organisation and a generous unlimited access plan for long-term commitments.

Additional Services

Enjoy the perks of flying business class with Scandlearn

Scandlearn-aviation-training-automated-invoicing-icon-50px Automated Invoicing

Keeping track of costs is easy with our invoicing system that keeps up to date with your usage and offers payment via credit card or bank transfer.

Scandlearn-aviation-training-integration-icon-50px API Integrations Utilise the pre-developed Scandlearn API to connect to any third-party provider or authorised Connect Partner.  
Scandlearn-aviation-training-upload-icon-50px Free course updates

We regularly update our courses and our Evolve platform automatically provides you with the latest version at no extra charge to help you stay compliant.

Scandlearn-aviation-training-onboarding-icon-50px-1 Technical Onboarding

We offer the possibility to book webinars and onboarding sessions with our system experts to help your administrators get started on our platform quickly and easily.

Pilot---small-B Training Consultation

Our Instructors are available for an initial consultation for: learning implementation, approval assistance, adaptions or new regulatory requirements like CBTA.

Scandlearn-aviation-training-knowledge-base-icon-50px Envoyer Access

Your direct line to our training department, providing you with industry insights, guides and other articles that will help you stay up-to-date with changes in the industry.


Better training starts with Scandlearn

Save time and money by using a modern and compliant training solution.