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Scandlearn now offers aviation organisation’s a powerful new way to conduct their online training using Competency-based Training & Assessment (CBTA) for Dangerous Goods and more.
Scandlearn now offers aviation organisation’s a powerful new way to conduct their online training using Competency-based Training & Assessment (CBTA) for Dangerous Goods and more.
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course General Subjects

Dangerous Goods (DG) Ground Crew



  • The first priority when it comes to handling any dangerous goods is safety. This course allows you to achieve the highest-level of safety.

  • This training is essential for Loading Staff, Security Screeners and Warehouse Personnel who handle or may come into contact with dangerous goods.
  • There are multiple strict regulations from different authorities that are mandatory for this particular kind of Dangerous Goods training, including ICAO-TI and IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations.
  • Avoid costly delays with a team who have a strong grasp of the core principles and smallest details when handling dangerous goods.

Introducing the Dangerous Goods (DG) Ground Crew course from Scandlearn, a specialised course designed for Loading Staff, Security Screeners and Warehouse Staff. Our training equips these ground personnel with the essential knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to ensure a safe and efficient work environment, both on the ground and in the air.


Why DG Training for Ground Crews Matters in Aviation

Increased Safety Levels
Everyday, all over the world, dangerous goods are handled by aviation professionals. Making it critical that aviation organisations and airport operators ensure that their teams are well trained to handle these potentially dangerous goods.

Clearer Understanding
Training that is delivered in a more modern format makes it easier for ground crews to apply what they have learned in their everyday tasks.

Efficient Processing
When ground teams are well-versed with Dangerous Goods processes and systems they are able to work far more proficiently when effecting the necessary procedures and processes.


Further Benefits of DG Training for Ground Crews

  • Raised Awareness: There are many types of dangerous goods that are important to be familiar with.
  • Reporting Procedures: Understanding how to report and respond to emergencies.
  • Dangerous Goods Provisions: Knowing when certain dangerous goods from passengers or crew are forbidden.


Why Choose Our Course

  1. Important and In-depth Content: Our course covers every key aspect of Dangerous Goods training for Loading Staff, Security Screeners and Warehouse Personnel.
  2. Modern Training Approach: Like all Scandlearn courseware, this course is designed not only to train your team but to help make the training experience a better one with visually engaging course material.
  3. Competency-Based Training Approach: Our CBTA format focuses on knowledge, skills and attitudes enhancing learning outcomes.
  4. Regularly Updated: Scandlearn is dedicated to ensuring that our Dangerous Goods training stays up-to-date with the required frequent updates from regulators.


Course Structure

Our Dangerous Goods (DG) Ground Crews training structures all key subjects into nine modules.


Created Using CBTA

This course is developed using our Competency-Based Training and Assessment (CBTA) training framework and can be found in our LMS course builder where it can be previewed and made available for your crew. Contact the Scandlearn training department at if you have any questions.

Target Audience

This course is designed for teams that directly handle or may interact with dangerous goods whilst performing their duties. Ground Crews is an umbrella term, the course specifically targets three crews from both aviation organisations and airport operators:

  • Loading Staff
  • Security Screeners
  • Warehouse Personnel

Compliance and Relevance

  • Regulatory Compliance:
    This course in Dangerous Goods complies with EASA regulation, ICAO-TI and follows IATA Function 7.4 and 7.10 which relate specifically to certain ground crews.
  • Course Version:
    We continually update our content to stay at the forefront of industry needs and best practices, reflecting our commitment to providing the most up-to-date and relevant training.

Help your ground crew work safer today!

A safer work environment and aviation industry starts from the ground up! Provide your team with the information and expertise needed to handle all dangerous goods in a confident and efficient manner with our Dangerous Goods (DG) Ground Crew training.


  • The principles governing the international transport of Dangerous Goods
  • Areas of responsibilities and limitations
  • The five main groups Dangerous Goods are divided into
  • The nine hazard classes that Dangerous Goods are divided into
  • The different labelling and marking systems
  • Recognition of undeclared dangerous goods
  • Loading of Dangerous Goods onto an aircraft or for storage in warehouses
  • An overview of the required documentation, including the NOTOC
  • Provisions for passenger and crew
  • Emergency procedures and reporting

Scandlearn Presentation

  20 min      16 questions

We would like to know a little about you

  3 min     6 parts

Welcome Video

  7 min     1 part

1. General Philosophy
  9 min     10 parts      10 questions

2. Limitations
  16 min     21 parts      12 questions

3. Classification
  14 min     19 parts      11 questions

4. Labelling and markings
  17 min     18 parts      15 questions

5. Recognition of undeclared Dangerous Goods
  7 min     6 parts      10 questions

6. Storage and loading procedures
  15 min     19 parts      10 questions

7. Documentation
  9 min     8 parts      10 questions

8. Provisions for passengers and crew
  13 min     17 parts      10 questions

9. Emergency procedures and reporting
  9 min     8 parts      10 questions

9. Last questions before you leave
  2 min     3 parts

Dangerous Goods (DG) Ground Crew

  15 min      30 questions


Scandlearn-aviation-training-cl-clock  2 hr 30 min

Scandlearn-aviation-training-cl-general-subjects-2  General Subjects

Scandlearn-aviation-training-cl-modules  9 modules

Scandlearn-aviation-training-cl-language-3  English

Scandlearn-aviation-training-cl-recurrency  Initial and recurrent

Scandlearn-aviation-training-icon-cl-mobile  Appstore and Google Play

Scandlearn-aviation-training-icon-cl-date-1  Course renewal: 24 months

Scandlearn-aviation-training-icon-cl-assessments-1  Assessments:

  • Question pool

Applicable for:

  Ground Crew


Our course closely follows ICAO TI and EASA regulations. The course is also suitable for operators complying with other standards globally.

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